10 Hand Crafted Silver Rings with Powerful Meanings

10 silver crafted rings that can bring into your life more meaning

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Want to make a remarkable statement with an embellishment piece that has also a personal meaning to you? Give an eye on these silver crafted rings that marked generations of powerful women! They are affordable, durable and versatile. And, with the right stone, you can make their purpose truly meaningful.

  1. Hand-crafted Lapis Lazuli Silver Ring

Our number one. Cats stole our hearts forever. They are very popular on social media since…. the Ancient Egypt. The cat symbolizes grace and composure and in combination with celestial Crystals Lapis Lazuli, we have regalia and the universal symbols of wisdom and truth. Referenced in the Old Testaments as sapphire, favorite stone in the Orient for the protection from the evil eye, also recommended by Buddhists for inner peace and freedom from the negative thoughts.

Otherwise, this crystal is most wanted for its ability to activate the higher mind. A must-have piece for free thinkers. So, we have wise cat, royal cat for protection, inner peace and freedom from negativity. What to desire more?

Perhaps, an aventurine stone…


  1. Silver "Gold Bird" Ring with Natural Aventurine Stone

Green Aventurine’s soothing energy will restore your emotional balance, due to its ability to calm nervousness and irritation. Wearing this ring will help you to melt the everyday stress and to quiet your busy minds. You will also appreciate this stone for its gentle grounding effect on a deeper level. Aventurine fills up us with lightness, optimism and hope.

When you need to remain stable and grounded and hopeful, gold bird with aventurine stone will help you to grow into a brand new direction. Birds are generally thought to symbolize freedom. With a bird ring, you can “fly” whatever the lightness of your feet will flow.  


  1. Hand Crafted Silver "Heart of Calla Lily" Ring

When you need more energy for reinventing yourself, after hard times or tough “winters”, this delicate calla lily flower will overwhelm you with its powerful beauty. Calla lily can survive frosts and start regrow in a vase if it’s cut.

Calla lily symbolizes resurrection of Jesus, or rebirth in a more general sense.  Also, this mighty tiny flower reconnect us with our innocence and pure self, rewiring us for the promised resurrection.

Just in time for Romance…

  1. Natural Pink Rose Quartz Ring Gold Romantic Wedding

The pink quartz is the stone of the heart. It will bring in your life a soft feminine energy of compassion and healing. The experts in Cristal Vaults affirm that the quartz has the power to dissolve emotional wounds, fears and resentments.

The Rose Quartz was used as a love token from the ancient times, and it is still the talisman number one for relationships. With this ring you will attract a new love, romance and intimacy or will develop a closer bond with your beloved one. With this special resizable ring, you won’t miss the right finger on the right girl.

Otherwise, with romance is difficult…

  1. Lotus Silver Natural Amber Handmade Butterfly Rings

This ring can be the talisman of your Health. Amber is the “Gold of the Sea” – a capsule of light and life preserved by time, caring a Life Force, fossilized over millions of years. Amber is a natural purifier, with ability to draw pain from the body, as well as the mind and spirit, by absorbing negative energies and transforming them into a positive one. When you need to recover from an illness or injury and increase vitality, wear this special lotus amber ring. The butterfly will accompany you in this transformation journey from feeling ill to being heal. And the lotus will erase you from darkness of still waters to bloomy brightness.

  1. Hand Crafted "Retro Rose" Sterling Silver Ring

Want to feel under the roses that means in complete safety? Or, on the bed of roses, that’s mean having an easy life? Whatever you want, with roses on your hand you will feel love and understanding. Roses are the messenger of love, friendship and admiration. Expecting better occasions to wear this ring? How about today?

  1. Hand Crafted Red Agate with Cloisonné Leaf Ring

This adjustable ring from gold plated silver is good to have in pregnancy. It will help to avoid post-partum depression, because Agate will assist you juggling those multiple tasks and commitment as a new mom. Also, Agate will help your loved one to stay faithful, so you can avoid depression!

Agate is an awesome stone for writers! Helps stabilize the imagination and elusive inspiration, and to express your ideas with clarity.

If you need stability, composure and maturity, Agate ring is your ring! The Leaf from the Tree of Life will help you to “put down roots” in creating life lasting relationships with your significant one or with your Creative Muse.


  1. Hand crafted "Gold Bird On Branch" Silver Ring

This resizable ring is one of the kind, unusual and … different! You just can’t pass unnoticed with those little birds twittering on a branch way around! Being different gives the world colors. Thinking of finding your voice, positive changes or liberation? Those chatty gold birds can work this way for you.

  1. Hand crafted silver "Winter sweet Flower" hyperbole ring

This gorgeous Winter Sweet flower ring is breath taking.  Accordingly to our customers it is of an extraordinary beauty. Winter sweet flowers symbolize uniqueness, it remains most of the year minding own flower business, but when time comes, it happens in January in Japan, it carries with its lemony star-shaped flowers pack a perfumed punch. It is like an instant celebrity over night! Try to not smile when you see this beauty!

  1. Hand Crafted "Plum Flowers" Silver Ring

You can only blossom with this plum floral gold plated silver ring.  The plum blossom is an important symbol in China. It represents the value of edurance, as life overcome ultimately through the vicious time. In the end, gentle souls are growing in inner strength with courage, in the midst of winter. I definitely want more plum blossom power for myself.


I hoped you‘ve already made your choice. Before closure, remember that sterling silver should be stamped with .925 or 925, meaning it’s 92.5% pure silver. Anything with less silver content than that may not keep its original color.

And if you want the ring to last like forever, silver can tarnish. Purchase a good jewelry cleaner to keep your precious piece looking beautiful, like new.

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